G-O-P Keeps Control of the Senate Legislature

November 5th 2014 -

Just like they've done for four years, Republicans will keep controlling both houses of the state Legislature -- thus giving Governor Walker virtually everything he wants. Unofficial results show that the Senate increased its G-O-P majority from 18 members to 19. Democrats tried but failed to gain three seats from the G-O-P, which would have created a split Legislature and made life tougher for the governor. The Assembly easily stayed Republican, with victories in 60 of the 99 districts and two contests undecided during the night. Democrats set their sights on three Senate seats, where well-known G-O-P incumbents stepped down -- but they didn't win any of them. Representative Howard Marklein replaces moderate Senate Republican Dale Schultz of Richland Center. Former G-O-P Representative Roger Roth takes over the seat given up by Senate President Mike Ellis. And a Sheboygan area seat stays in Republican hands, as Devin LeMahieu (leh-may'-hew) replaces Joe Leibham (ly-bm), who ran and lost for Congress.